#1 go-to for moving through challenge

Hello original adventurers!

The more we move through challenge consciously the stronger we become.

What do I mean ~ consciously?

Awareness in your action.

This week's question: How do I get through conflict or challenge with some level of grace and ease?

I LOVE this question as I am rooted in the truth that when we move into what causes us to feel uncomfortable and get to the other side of it the more RE-POWERED we become.

The stumbling block is how to do this with clear words, with steady focus and with heart involved.

In this video, I share my #1 go-to for what to do in challenging moments. While the topic is vast I am giving you what I use, what I know has worked and what supports the most unified outcome.

It requires practice and curated focus, yet, when implemented well and with a pure motive, it can be the magic.

Bold Arrival Moments leverage the vulnerable space between risk and comfort. It has the potential to change you and that's why we may second guess our actions and decisions. This change could be minimal to life-changing.

The #1 go-to for getting to the other side of a challenge; knowing your definitive anchor and knowing what you are. 

It's during times of stress we forget our strength our wisdom our grit. So, to remember what you are is number 1! Number 2, know what you stand for and hold on to this ~ your ANCHOR. Know, in one sentence, what you know to be true during the challenge and hold onto that. Don't let go and don't get distracted from the task at hand. Do your best to be as strong and as compassionate as you can be towards yourself and others.

A few other tips ~ remain open-minded to the potential the experience can yield.  Do not judge and be as neutral as possible.

This topic can go in many directions. If you have questions please reach out!

Here's to a little more peace and a world of opportunity!

To you!


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