Three Words of Wisdom

When it all beceomes a bit over the top these three words put it into perspective.

Hello original adventurers!

This weeks question:  How do I avoid decision fatigue?

Given this question, I decided to bring my dear friend, Breece Robertson on the walk to offer her expertise.  

She started as a client, became a colleague and now she is a life long friend. 

Breece is an executive, has forged her own professional path and is an inspiration to many.  If you'd like to know more about her please reach out to me.

So, decision creeps in when our systems haven't changed as we've changed and when our level of energy has reached exhaustion.  Both are secret causes that can happen when we least expect it!  Even when we are on the path of reaching our success personally and professionally.

Enjoy this weekly walk!  We had fun with this :)

Here's to you!


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