How to handle a challenging colleague

Meet Tekla and learn her approach to navigating the terrain of leading while in the midst of challenging people.

Hello friends!

This weeks question: "How do you handle working with difficult colleagues? I can't seem to find my footing and remain focused! It's becoming a problem."

In this video, I reached out to a dear friend and colleague, Tekla Johnson. She is VP of Leadership and Innovation at United Way in Santa Fe and she's also an entrepreneur! She works to improve SLEEP for the whole family! Yes, sleep :) Its' wonderful. I invite you to check out her website. Tekla's full of surprises and rockin it!

Difficult colleagues are always standing in front of us to reveal something. It's up to us to pay attention and use our tools and our awareness to know what that is.

The trick is sometimes it's actually us that can be the challenging one!

No matter who it is it's situations like this that are the gold at the end of the rainbow. I wouldn't change any of my experiences with this for anything. I've learned sometimes I'm my own challenge and getting out of my own way was the solution.

I'm sure you can agree on what causes us to be uncomfortable is usually what we need to be that much stronger. Since Bold Arrival is about strength this is a great segment to watch.

Here's to you!

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