How do you know when your gut is right?

Welcome and Happy New Year!

The first month of the new year is always an interesting time of balance vs. reflection, desire vs. need and feeling strong vs. feeling better.

In 2018 the volume of questions about personal power paired with professional growth were astronomical.

Questions such as:

  • I've lost the spark for my work. What do I do?

  • I've given everything to my job, my business how to do I regain my balance?

  • I've given everything to my husbands business and now I don't know what I want.

  • When I'm in executive team meetings no one is hearing me. What do I do?

  • How do I manage conflict in my life to make better choices?

  • How do I balance my desire for achievement and success with my desire for internal stability?

  • I'm so burned out I think I'm going to work at a brewery in Utah.  Is that a good idea? 

  • I've done everything right and I'm not seeing results.  What's the problem?

To help make a difference, reach more wonderful people and keep inspiration high  I created "Weekly Walks with Heather".

This is where I will answer your pressing questions from how to regain your spark to feeling more inspired to leveraging your wisdom as a road to follow.  This is how Bold Arrivals begin.

So, send the questions. I will get to them all.  I can't say I will have all the answers. I can say I will do my best for you and some responses will cause you to stretch a bit.

Below is the first "Weekly Walk". The question is "How do you know when your gut is right? How do you know the lights on the path are correct?"

These walks take place outside because it's where I find my balance and it's what I'm inviting you to do too!  

Have fun with these, leave comments, ask questions and hold steady with your spark and you will see all the lights on the path.

Here's to an amazing year!

To you and your will to grow,


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