Meet Heather

Heather Robertson is an entrepreneur, advisor, speaker and educator. As a seasoned pro, she is familiar with the high demands and stress that come with leadership and business. By sharing her personal story as well as stories from her years of business experience, Heather inspires and empowers others through her talks. 


Heather has been a featured speaker at several conferences and organizations. Her presentations are ideal for conference keynotes, workshops, leadership retreats, and networking events. She is sought after as a dynamic and engaging speaker that conveys practical tools and tips for change with warmth, clarity, and humor.  

First orient. Then, commit.

Watch what unfolds and experience your potential.

This is the adventure; and it is available to you - everyday.
— Heather

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"  I saw Heather speak at the POSH Retreat and she has this uncanny ability to hold gentle space for people's pain, struggles, and mental blocks while at the same time pushing those same people to get real and create lasting change in their lives. She's like a Zen-ballbuster!"

~Christie Osborne, Owner of Mountainside Media

"Heather’s Bold Arrival talk was the perfect keynote to our recent multi day retreat. Her message and delivery is powerful and relevant to any group dynamic, no matter what stage in business or life the audience is in. Her message complimented additional teachings from the retreat as attendees could refer back to the framework that Heather had so simply laid out. Bold Arrival is applicable to all areas of focus, and can be interpreted seamlessly for any retreat or conference theme. Even at the farewell dinner attendees were still referring back to her opening talk. The shift was noticeable and palpable among all.”

~ Meg Simone, Owner of Meg Simone Films



Heather consults budding leaders to seasoned pros to inspire and realize their best work. The outcome: more confidence, clarity and elevated success.

She leads professional trainings, yoga and meditation programs and has advised women and men from the state level to the private sector.  She launched and subsequently sold her first business by the age of 35 and, currently, co-owns Rule of Five Wilderness Company, a premier outdoor adventure company on 65 acres in northern New Mexico in addition to Bold Arrival.

Beyond her formal education, Heather has extensive training in leadership, strategy, yoga, meditation, facilitation and communications. 

She worked closely with Nina Simons, Founder of Bioneers and Founding Director of Women's Leadership Initiatives as her direct lead and was mentored by Mary Ann Shaening the president of Shaening and Associates founded in 1977.  A woman owned Consulting Firm, contracting primarily in the public sector. 

The blend of Heather's private and public sector work positions her perfectly for the full comprehension of what is required to thrive in both leadership and well-being. 

She has been interviewed from national radio shows & podcasts, to keynoting for conferences to unsuspecting publication interviews like the Women’s Adventure Rider Magazine and Telluride Magazine. In addition to her love for business and adventure Heather has been a certified yoga & meditation educator for almost two decades and continues her training with mentors in Switzerland and the United States.

What she offers is her unyielding perspective and knowledge that you are… “Built for the Calling and Designed for the Experience!”


Certifications, Trainings & memberships

  • Hatha Yoga

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Chakra Yoga

  • 5 Elements Yoga

  • Kriya Yoga

  • Sadhana Yoga Chi

  • Senior Yoga Therapy

  • Facilitation & Advanced Facilitation training

  • Positive Power and Influence International Program

  • Cultivating Women's Leadership Training

  • Wilderness First Aid Responder

  • CPR

  • ATTA

  • LPLC

  • E-RYT

  • Continuing Education Provider




"I am extremely fortunate to work with Heather on my career aspirations and professional growth. I manage a national team of technical and applied planning professionals and our program is internationally revered. Heather is guides me with clarity on my life and professional focus and putting that to practice in my everyday workflow, relations, and leadership.

We are working on strategies that have already proven to help me move from one level of growth to the next with our Senior Leadership team. Because changes are happening so fast at our organization, it’s incredibly helpful that Heather is always available to provide guidance when difficult decisions or discussions are at hand.

My ultimate goal in my professional career is to marry my passion for making the world a better place with tools and strategies to make it so. Heather is providing me with the tools and strategies to create the stable architecture upon which I can build a solid, life-force driven career that meets my personal and professional goals.

I’ve worked with many mentors and consultants and they tend to take a more corporate approach and leave out the personal. Heather does a great job of starting with the personal and making sure that my own experience is woven throughout all of the strategies we create.  I highly recommend Heather as an expert in the field of strategy and personal leadership to those seeking to move their skills and impact in the world to the next level."

Breece Robertson, VP, Director of Planning, GIS Trust for Public Lands - Santa Fe, NM


"Heather has completely transformed the effectiveness of my leadership. I am no longer bogged down by self-doubt and approach situations with confidence. She has helped improve my communications with colleagues – succinct communication and clarity is key! Heather encourages me to reach for opportunities outside of my comfort zone, which is where the learning happens, right? Our work together has landed me on a track for a lifetime of successful leadership. Thank you Heather!"

Emmalee Dolfi, Senior Manager of Enterprise Data Systems


"Hiring Heather to be my leadership mentor is one of the best things that has happened in my life. Her support has changed how I approach leadership, who I am in the world, and how I interact in every situation. I feel more confident in my ability to effectively and compassionately lead both at work and in my personal life as a parent.

Amazing, wonderful transformation is happening inside me and outside in my life because of my work with her. I know how to stay in my center (or at least notice when I've lost it), am more clear about my vision and dreams (and feel confident I can make them a reality) and am developing the stamina to lead for the long term.

She challenges me, and we have fun together. Her way of being shows me she is with me every step of the way, and she has great advice and observations. The work with Heather inspires within me abundant confidence, inspiration and joy.

Heather has not just transformed my leadership approach, she has transformed the world I live in. Everything looks different than it did a year ago and it feels like my power and possibilities are endless.

In short: Heather rocks!!"

Tekla Johnson, VP of Leadership and Innovation


"Heather Robertson’s courses have had an amazing impact on my life.  By week 5, with Heather’s guidance, I’d taken steps to transform focus and direction in my life that led to career advancement in the form of a promotion.  As a single parent who works full-time I seldom allow myself the time I need to focus on myself and my life goals. Heather’s course was the vehicle to create that time.  I really appreciate how time effective the sessions were.  Heather prompted me to ask myself empowering questions that enabled me to quickly arrive at a place where I created immediate and long-term goals with an effective action plan all while only taking a few hours out of my week.  I found the meditations to be powerful tools that served to keep my focus centered in my mind for the day. Heather’s courses are truly unique and uplifting and she is a wonderful guide and a gentle nudge."

Kristen Frueh - Director of Programs - Administrative Offices of the Courts - State of NM