Reach your summit!

Direction Clarified.

You are build for the calling and designed for the experience! ~Heather Robertson

Our work together is designed to minimize holding back and open the doors to bold arrival moments, powerful direction, energy and aliveness.

Learn the skill of how to weave this aliveness into real life experience. Teaching the skill application to life events are at the forefront.

You’re guided through a series of mini trainings to help you reach the summit. Working with the formal approach to personal leadership development paired with the strategic system of yoga & meditation these advanced methods will offer insights that will enable you to move out of your past and into your highest potential.


What they’re saying…

I’ve worked with many mentors and consultants and they tend to take a more corporate approach and leave out the personal. Heather does a great job of starting with the personal and making sure that my own experience is woven throughout all of the strategies we create. I highly recommend Heather as an expert in the field of strategy and personal leadership to women seeking to move their skills and impact in the world to the next level.
— Breece Robertson - Trust for Public Lands - VP and Director of Planning and Geographic Information Systems

What you will gain from our time together?


What’s included?


Lifetime access to Connect with Heather

A wonderful resource as you move and grow. It’s always in your back pocket.


practices to take anywhere

Life is not always easy. Learn practices & skill that will calm the mind, the nerves and the whole self.


BEcome unshakable

Move your life with stability, connection and your internal power. This is is where you begin to leverage your own natural skill to shape what’s in front of you.

Amazing, wonderful transformation is happening inside me and outside in my life because of my work with her. I know how to stay in my center (or at least notice when I’ve lost it), am more clear about my vision and dreams (and feel confident I can make them a reality) and am developing the stamina to lead for the long term.
Heather has not just transformed my leadership approach, she has transformed the world I live in. Everything looks different than it did a year ago and it feels like my power and possibilities are endless.
— Tekla Johnson, VP Innovation and Leadership

The training

This training is balanced and designed to activate the linear aspects of growth and also leverage the creative inspirational pieces necessary for fulfillment and success.

~ Presentations by Heather to offer visual understanding.

~ Audio presentations designed to enhance your comprehension.

~ Yoga practices to take anywhere to get your body and your brain on board with new changes.

~ Weekly “reality checks” to ensure you’re headed in the right direction.

~ Text material facilitates an in-depth study of program content at your own pace.

~ Private time with Heather to enhance what you need to succeed!



Start the adventure!

Identifying what moves you.

Check your ego at the door. It’s often we think we know what we want, but do we really? Go beneath the surface and leverage accessible strategies to determine what’s primary and secondary for your focus. Determine the real fire for your actions.



Make the Discovery!

Nurture what works.

Craft a trail map that gets you to the summit! From a business perspective this is when you look at what’s bringing in the mojo. Define immediate assets, achievable goals and what’s keeping you focused, energized and unshakeable.



Embrace the Wisdom!

Transform the obstructions.

This is the time where you become the great disruptor in your approach. To move, and I mean really move, you can only hold on to what is true ~ what is real. We get in touch with what’s causing limiting beliefs and limited thinking. These two will crush any dream and this is why we get it all out of the way.





How do you know if you are going to be able to say yes to your adventure? The Bold Arrival method trains the mind, body, and emotions to be ready to live everyday as an adventure; to stay open to inspiration and leadership whether you are at home, in the office, or far out in the backcountry.

Join me on the trail!

Investment ~




Heather has the incredible ability to get at the root of a person’s issues with lightning speed. She has great humor, compassion and brings everything together!
— Private client
Working with Heather has transformed my business and my life. She helped me strip down the excess and get clear on exactly what my vision and mission are for my business, and based on that, designed a smart and targeted strategy to attain a set of clear, ambitious goals. Likewise, in my personal life, Heather has served as a mentor and a guide to honing in on the truest vision and mission of my heart. In less than six months of working together, I restructured my business and made some significant life decisions that have empowered me to shift from surviving to thriving. I have endless gratitude for her, her brilliant business mind and her kind, compassionate heart.
— Mira Valeria,
Clarity regarding when I am operating from my head vs. my heart and being willing to follow a path that feeds my heart/soul is the gold Heather guided me to discover!!
— Esha Chiocchio - specializes in documentary, travel and editorial photography
I worked with Heather in order to clarify on my career goals. Through the process, she was able to identify the key source of inspiration for each path and recognize a key pattern in my career over a 20-year span. All of this in a one-hour phone call! Heather has an amazing gift to decipher core motivations through pointed questions and intuitive listening.
Thank you, Heather
— Katie Macaulay - Owner - Mountain Kids - Santa Fe, NM