30 Hour Breather
to Aug 25

30 Hour Breather

  • Rule of Five Wilderness Company (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Do you need a breather and some time to press pause and refuel? Want to get away and explore the Rule of Five Training Center and learn more about Bold Arrivals? Taken care of. Leave your logistics behind and come experience The Breather.  A 30-hour training where we guide participants through methods that will enhance and inspire your personal and professional experiences. 

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to Sep 21

3-day Wilderness Adventure

  • Rule of Five Wilderness Company (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

3-Day Wilderness Adventure

Gain confidence in the wild!

Gain confidence in the wild. Adventure out more!

Have you ever found yourself in a potentially dangerous situation where you wish you had taken that knot-tying class, or knew how to create shelter or to start a fire without modern conveniences? We’ve all heard stories about “that woman that saved the day”.

Transport yourself back in time, unleash the adventurer and experience a tantalizing taste of the very skills that have been keeping humans alive for tens of thousands of years!

In this 72-hour lively learning retreat we explore the foundational skills our ancestors developed, mastered and relied on to live in the wild.

This extraordinary journey is designed for women who want to experience something out of the norm. Tap into your inner wisdom and self-confidence by re-learning the skills all women, historically, used daily.

After 72 hours, you will:

  • Leave understanding the importance of proper trip preparedness

  • Feel a deeper appreciation for self-reliant skills

  • Know foundational skills of Ro5 (shelter, fire, edge, vessel, cordage)

  • Experience confidence in the wild

Why a trip for women?

  • The approach

  • The community

  • The environment

  • The skills acquired

Leave your logistics behind and gain confidence in the wild.

This Bold Arrival all-inclusive adventure with lodging, group meals, all training supplies, the Bold Arrival strategy kit, and more.

Please note, participants must supply their own transportation to the Ro5 Wilderness Company and lodging before and after the experience.

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Brilliant Planning Immersion Online
to Feb 10

Brilliant Planning Immersion Online




Aliveness. Simplified.

Previously taught only in live workshops, this immersion is now offered as an online format. Brilliant Planning is designed to birth the personal leader inside.

Designed to minimize burnout, loss of focus and holding back.

This immersion opens the door to powerful direction, energy and aliveness.

Learn the skill of how to weave this aliveness into real life experience. Teaching the skill of interpretation and application to life events are at the forefront.

You’re guided through a series of video discussions, exercises and live Q & A’s to help you reach the summit. Working with the formal approach to planning paired with the strategic system of yoga & meditation these advanced methods will offer insights that will enable you to move out of your past and into your highest potential.

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14er Fest
to Sep 30

14er Fest

  • 402 E Main St Buena Vista, CO, 81211 United States (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Join me at the 14er Fest for two clinics ~ Mountains to Mat and Meditation for Peace and Performance! Open the mind and your muscles to have yourself ready for your next adventure!

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8 Hour Breather
9:00 AM09:00

8 Hour Breather

Increase your capacity for personal adventure and performance with simple, accessible, timeless strategies. It is these moments we experience the greatest change for ourselves, our relationships and our careers.

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